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3-hours Training: 3 DVDs

1 hour each

only $229

+Workbook $18


Or Dr. Sandy will train for you.


International Trainer, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker.

 ... Dr. Sandy, top ranked world-wide. Customer Service, Telephone, Leadership, Receptionist training and more.

Motivates all office staff --Receptionists to Managers. U.S. Depart. of Justice.

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...Dr. Sandy trains and motivates receptionists, concierges, telephone, customer service and ambassadors for top image, business and phone etiquette.

Expert, fun training.. motivates for immediate success. C. Guest, IBM

Outstanding receptionist training! Virginia Integrated Physicians


...Made our  training conference a success! International Assoc. of Admin Professionals

...Her telephone receptionist training ... was what we needed! Chicago-Sun Times

Dr. Sandy's training style is fun. So all phone and receptionist staff wanted to attend.

JP Morgan-Chase, NY


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DVD Version Now: $229

receptionist training DVD Set

3 One-hour DVDs (3 Hours)

Top Receptionist & Ambassador Training $229. (No refund on opened packages.) $18 S/H (S/H higher for international orders). View DVD samples this page and YouTube. Workbooks $18 (See below.)

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VHS Version: $199
receptionist training DVD Set

3 One-hour VHS tapes = 3 Hours

Top Outstanding Receptionist & Ambassador Training

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Workbook: $18

Interactive receptionist training workbook coordinates with training exercises throughout the video:

receptionist training DVD Set
Remember Workbooks for Receptionist Training coordinate exercises with DVD and VHS: $18

Receptionist Workbooks: Over 30 pages interacting with VHS or DVD Training.

S/H $10 for 5-10 additional workbooks

A great on-going resource!

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Front Desk Receptionist Training others Try to Imitate!


1. Set of 3 DVDs = 3 Hours of Receptionist Training

$229 (No Refund on Opened DVDs.)


See links to Sample Views on this page.

For 7-day Preview Rental @ $99, Call or or Email Us.

Interactive Workbooks $18 each

2. PROFESSIONAL ACTORS show RIGHT vs. WRONG for front desk receptionist training. More than just a lecture!

3. Dr. Sandy will TRAIN RECEPTIONISTS and TELEPHONE PERSONNEL FOR YOU ON-SITE with customized keynotes, training and workshops.

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4. RECEPTIONIST TRAINING SUCCESS WORKBOOKS coordinate video training and are a receptionist training resource.

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Vol. I (1 Hour): Receptionist Training, Professional Image, Customer Service, Business Telephone Training

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  • Create receptionist "halo effects" to win customers
  • Create professional office images
  • Develop receptionist customer service at front desk
  • Create receptionist work settings for front desk images
  • Receptionist customer service keeps customers loyal

Vol. II (1 Hour): Receptionist Training, Telephone, Customer Service, Professional Image and Team Building Training

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  • Trains receptionists to screen without insulting callers
  • Trains voice and wording to improve receptionist image
  • 8 Telephone receptionists skills to deal with difficult people and hard-to-understand calls
  • Trains receptionists to say "no" - with a "yes" - for top customer service

Vol. III (1 Hour): Outstanding Receptionist Training, Telephone, Customer Service, Image, Time and Stress Management Training

  • Receptionists learn to manage work for multiple bosses
  • Receptionists learn to use humor to save a business day
  • Receptionists are trained to reassure phone callers
  • Receptionists learn time management in front desk work
  • Receptionists learn to manage desk- even when away
  • Receptionists learn 3 ways to lower stress and increase job satisfaction!


   What matters to you matters to Dr. Sandy. She delivers on-site training to support Sales, Customer Service, Telephone Staff and Receptionists with The Best Image, Team Building and Business Communication Training!

    For on-site training, keynotes or motivational speaking, click here:



     An expert in esteem, professional image, team building, customer service, front desk training, telephone and other business image and communication, Dr. Sandy's Social Savvy has been seen on CBS for 6+ years and Fox TV, ABC, NBC, Talk Radio, Style, Entrepreneur and Salon Magazines. She is published in New You, Atlanta, and McGraw-Hill Business text books.

     Entertaining! Unforgettable!

    Ambassador-Telephone-Receptionist Training in Customer Service and Professional Image used world-wide ...Fortune 500 companies, dental, medical, small business, churches and other offices. Fun and a workbook, too.

Motivates to Build Success!

Ambassador-Telephone-Receptionist training VHS or DVD's and receptionist workbooks build phone etiquette, customer service, stress management and professional image. Dr. Sandy is acclaimed for on-site training and proven results.

Upon request, Dr. Sandy will conduct Affordable, Receptionist Training personally for Your Office Staff

For On-Site Training Info, Call 321-363-4625

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Helping Build Success for 20 Years:

Receptionists, Support Staff, Corporate Executive Training, Business Coaching and Motivational Speaking

Dr. Sandy will travel to Your Office and do Training for you!


Dr. Sandy's Training used by:

  • Hospital Receptionist Training
  • Diversified Training Institute, California
  • Concierge Receptionist Training
  • Legal Receptionists Training
  • Government Receptionists
  • Church Receptionists, Methodist Services, Washington, DC
  • Customer Service Office Receptionist Training
  • Health Care Receptionist Training, Doctors' Offices and Hospitals
  • Bank Receptionists  Phone Training
  • Ad Agency Receptionists
  • Realtor Sales Office Receptionist Training
  • TV Customer Telephone Training
  • Dental Office Front Desk Training, Atlanta and other locations
  • Training Medical Office Receptionists
  • Business School Receptionist Training
  • College Office Skills Training Courses
  • Sales Receptionist
    Phone Call Training
  • HR Receptionist Personnel Training
  • Fortune 500 Customer Service Receptionists
  • Small Business Customer Service Training
  • Insurance Receptionists Phone Training
  • Vocational Training
  • CEO Receptionist Telephone Training
  • Training Salon Receptionists
  • Receptionist Training Schools
  • Business Etiquette Telephone Training
  • Airline Receptionist Telephone Training
  • Service Training
  • TV Receptionists
  • Car Dealers Front Desk Receptionist Sales Training
  • University Telephone Training
  • Receptionist Development
  • Image Training
  • Church Front Desk Receptionists
  • Investor Firm Receptionists
  • Travel Customer Service Receptionists
  • International Receptionists
  • Government Phone, Receptionists Training
  • Vet Clinic Desk Phone Training
  • Home Training Receptionist
  • Airline Telephone Training
  • Hotel Guest Relations Training
  • Small Business Phone Training
  • Phone Companies
  • CPA Receptionists Phone Training
  • Department of  Justice
  • Space Technology Receptionists: Lockheed Martin